Admiring the giants of Puglia and tasting their nectar!

Puglia is the region that produces the highest quantity of olive oil in Italy and it is very well known as its oils are among the purest and highest in quality on the market. There is an extraordinary place immersed in this land, an antique active farm that produces extra virgin olive oil of supreme quality.

The Masseria is located near Ostuni in the middle of 30 hectares of active farm filled with monumental centuries old olive trees which produce extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality. This ancient Masseria has preserved all the original features which have been left by previous generations and while visiting it you will live a magical trip back in time to discover how the local peasant culture, based on the production of olive oil, has evolved from the Roman times to today.

The experience will start off in the underground oil mill and continues with a visit to the entire building, offering several stunning hidden treasures, to end with a guided tasting of the olive oil produced on the farm.

Il sapore dell'olio

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