The passion of a young enologist and the recovery of ancient vineyards  in the Itria Valley give birth to excellent wines with exotic names

For those who love nature and appreciate good wine, Giovanni offers his knowledge of the territory and wine-making delicacies.

In the enchantment of the Canale di Pirro countryside you will pass through the lush vines to reach a centuries-old oak tree where you will taste the excellent wine produced by the grapes of these vineyards.

Canale di Pirro is one of the most beautiful areas of Puglia where once important historical wineries stood: in the 70s the production was much more bountiful and the wines produced in this area were used as the base of the famous vermouth Martini.

Giovanni’s goal is to recover these vines and not lose the value of the work of a couple of elderly farmers who still take care of their crops with an incredible energy and love.

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