Indigenus DMC | A timeless experience: “Lama degli ulivi” and “I giardini di pomona”
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A timeless experience: “Lama degli ulivi” and “I giardini di pomona”

  • visit-botanic-garden-puglia
  • visit-botanic-garden-puglia

A timeless experience: “Lama degli ulivi” and “I giardini di pomona”

Prepare yourself for a fascinating journey across the natural diversity of the Mediterranean area. Indigenus will guide you in a silent, emotional discover of two amazing historical botanic gardens, where local plants blend with varieties from all over the world. Set yourself for a one-of-a-kind experience of a charmed world where distances fade away and time stands still.

  • Lama degli Ulivi – Monopoli

This magnificent garden stretches along a karst area, its countryside landscape filled with millennial olive groves and vestiges of long gone civilizations: ruins, caves, drywalls and cave churches. It is a no-compromise immersion into the true magic and power of local nature and the wonders of human history.

  • I Giardini di Pomona – Cisternino

A successful blend of nature preservation, traditional agricultural techniques, low environmental impact hospitality and a fascinating landscape. Ten acres of botanic conservatory held with a biological approach host over 800 varieties of fruit trees. One of the highlights of this experience is the opportunity to pick the ripe fruits right from the trees, allowing guests to literally “taste” the uniqueness of this place.


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